November 29, 2023

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Applications of Eye Tracking Technology

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Applications of Eye Tracking Technology

Eye tracking is a leading-edge technology which has been on the forefront of IT research for many years. The goal is to be able to control functions of a device, be it a computer or a mobile, by tracking the motion of the eyeballs. It has numerous applications in many areas and that is the reason it has rapidly become popular in scientific, business and medical domains. Fierce competition exists between many technology giants to get hold of this technology before others.

Eye Tracking is a form of information technology that uses three different methods for recording the movements and reactions of the eye ball. One of the three methods includes the very close monitoring of eyeball through an eye contact lens which records all the information accurately. Eye Tracking can also be done through glasses equipped with sensors which record all the data, but this method is relatively inaccurate and slow. The last method includes the use of electric potentials which are measured by electrodes placed near the eyes.

Marketing specialists believe that users, when viewing advertisements, focus on key elements of the advertisements which they find interesting and appealing. Researchers from various areas are working together on the eye tracking technology to determine which parameters govern an individual’s behavior and to determine these key factors. Eye tracking technology is of special interest to advertisement agencies because it will enable them to deliver targeted advertisement to the viewer which will ultimately increase their revenues and profits.

According to the latest technology news, Eye Tracking technology has proven to be effective in analyzing different medical conditions and their impacts on human beings. The rotational movements and patterns of the eyeballs are different for every age group and present distinctive reactions to similar situations. Studies are being carried out on how different visual behaviors affect the growth of newborn babies as they learn through their observation of the things happening around them. Research has been conducted on whether Eye Tracking can be useful for identifying different neurological conditions like autism, brain hemorrhage, traumas, nervous breakdown, etc. This technology also enables the disabled persons to perform activities like speaking, sending emails, browsing internet etc. by just using their eyes.

Latest smart phones have the technology of Eye Tracking, allowing the users to use their phones with the motion of their eyes which is helpful especially for e-readers. This technology is also being used for training purposes like the 3D real life simulations on how to pilot an airplane and drive a car. Military trainers use this advancement to assess the skills and decisive abilities of the cadets in different scenarios of the battlefield. Regarding the safety issue during driving, this technology will be used in vehicles as it will alert the drivers instantly when their eyes wander off the road. Apart from these, eye tracking technology has its domestic uses as well, which includes controlling TV, air-conditioner and other household electronics.

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