November 29, 2023

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TBM Consulting Group Adds Ceres Technology to Roster of

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MORRISVILLE, N.C., June 14, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TBM Consulting Group, a leading operations and supply chain consulting firm, and Ceres Technology, today announced that TBM is adding Ceres to its roster of portfolio partner technologies for supply chain analytics. Ceres is a cloud-based advanced analytics application that helps supply chain managers understand the location, status, and condition of products in transit, minimizing risk. The technology offers actionable data with asset-level granularity from shipping origin to destination during multi-modal transportation and warehousing. TBM will use Ceres’ supply chain analytics and predictive software to proactively manage its clients’ supply chains and help them achieve better traceability, granularity, and analytics.

Ceres customers use the company’s software to detect spoilage, theft or loss, as well as estimate arrival time, mishandling, exceptions and anomalies. This capability enables companies to reduce costs, optimize their supply chains, and ensure compliance on perishable and high-value components and finished goods. In addition to end-to-end supply chain traceability combined with descriptive and diagnostic analytics, Ceres has developed a sophisticated predictive capability that uses both a client’s internal data (e.g. ERP) and relevant external data sources (e.g., geopolitical, news, weather, traffic, port congestion, etc.) to allow clients to anticipate future supply chain disruptions weeks in advance and proactively respond to these risks.

Over the last two years, significant disruptions have reinforced the importance of managing risk in the supply chain. TBM frequently works with clients dealing with supply chain disruption, lack of visibility, and a need to mitigate supply chain risks. TBM clients will use Ceres’ software to understand the location, status, and condition of products in the overall supply chain—especially when spoilage or damage occurs due to lack of control of environmental conditions. In addition, TBM clients can deploy Ceres’ predictive analytics to facilitate strategic supply chain decision-making.

“We are very pleased to partner with Ceres Technology,” said Ken Koenemann, Vice President of Supply Chain and Technology, TBM Consulting. “We chose Ceres because of the company’s ability to aggregate multiple data sources as well as their comprehensive reporting, actionable analytics and visualizations. In addition, Ceres offers straightforward systems integrations that reduce implementation complexity, and proven capabilities in developing predictive algorithms using both internal client data and external data sources.”

Ceres Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, Trey Hoobler, believes Ceres provides TBM with the technology to inform clients with granular KPIs, enable the ability to identify exceptions and improve upon non-performing areas, incorporate predictive analytics into supply chain strategy, and utilize robust data sets to drive profitable growth and competitive advantage.

“We chose to partner with TBM because they serve the same customer audience and because our software supports TBM’s approach to analytics and implementation,” said Mr. Hoobler. “TBM’s expertise and collaborative mindset make this a great partnership.”

About Ceres Technology

Ceres Technology is a cloud-based, advanced analytics platform that helps supply chain managers to understand the location, status and condition of products in transit. Their supply chain technology provides traceability, granularity, analytics, and augments integrated predictive analytics. Bobby Katoli, Chief Executive Officer, and Trey Hoobler, Chief Strategy Officer are co-founders.

About TBM Consulting Group, Inc.

TBM Consulting is an operations and supply chain consulting firm that works with companies to drive rapid performance gains. The firm’s consultants work with manufacturers, distributors, and private equity firms to accelerate productivity, improve profitability, and grow enterprise value. The firm’s supply chain capabilities include supply chain strategy, talent development, integrated business planning and SOP, and supply chain technology consulting. TBM partners with companies to build the framework and structure needed to generate bottom-line results with the goal of sustainable growth over the long term. For more information, please visit

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