November 30, 2023

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Wireless Electricity, Part Three, Magnetic Resonance

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Wireless Electricity, Part Three, Magnetic Resonance

Wireless Electricity, Part Three, Magnetic Resonance : You are an Opera singer and this is your party trick. You get every one at the party to gather round a table and watch as you carefully fill twelve wine glasses with different levels of water. Each glass filled with a different level of water will vibrate at a different resonance you tell them. Like musical notes, now if the glass is exposed to that resonance it will start to vibrate on a minute scale, and that vibration will build up energy, an ever increasing build up until either the the source of the resonance is stopped or the glass explodes.

So for you’re party trick you use your operatic talents to hold one strong hard note until the glass that is ‘tuned’ to that frequency breaks under the pressure, leaving all the other glasses intact.

Congratulations not only are you the life of the part but you have also become a brilliant metaphor for how Marin Soljacic Professor at MIT and inventor uses magnetic resonance transfer electricity from a source to a product successfully with no wires at all. And here is the third part of my writings on wireless electricity.

So back to the glasses. Now imagine that the Opera Singer is in fact an electric coil attached to a power source at the wall. And the the exploding glass is in fact a television stood across the room with no wires running from it only another electrical coil which runs in to the television.

The two coils like the opera singer and the glass as set to vibrate at the very same frequency. The coils vibrate through what is called magnetic resonance. At very low levels similar to the levels of magnetism the earth gives of, so it’s not dangerous to humans.

Not these two coils in sync can transfer the energy from the source to the television through their shared magnetic field and like with the glass anything not resonating that at frequency will be completely unaffected.

Congratulation you have just transmitted electricity across the air and into your television. I wonder what’s on?

I think that concludes my short guide to the exciting new world of wireless technology. Please do read article one and two if you haven’t already you’ll find them on my authors page.

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